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The closer we come to being in harmony with universal energy, the closer in harmony we are to each other.


Despite the undeniable path Reiki and other holistic energy therapies are forging for themselves today, it is ultimately not a question of a ‘tipping scale,’ and the approach to the question of Western and Alternative medicine should not be ‘either or’. The advances of science and the medical field are definitely one of the hallmarks of our civilization, improving the health and life quality for billions of people. And as energy therapies come to occupy a critical place in clinical medicine with more and more mainstream programs incorporating Reiki, I believe the united perspective from both science and the experience of energy therapy give us a much fuller understanding of life, disease and healing.

A unified perspective helps us to care for our body, mind and spirit and the same time, and thus to achieve harmonious living. Harmony means alignment, it means being in tune with universal energy, and thus to each other. This may sound strange at first, since decades of enlightened rationalism have encouraged Western societies away from thinking beyond physical and ‘the real’. However, non-physical energy is as real as the energy focused in our physical bodies and all the objects around us. It is the essence of what is variably called spirit and spirituality, our soul, the divine and even magic. We need to include this aspect also in our understanding of life and the world, if we are to truly achieve harmony.

My personal perspective is that many people living in advanced Western societies are experiencing much more disease and disharmony today because after a certain point many improvements in pharmacology and personal technologies which seek to help us connect to ourselves and live healthier lives may be working in the opposite direction. This is so because of our increased reliance on technology for guiding our choices and expressions, and because of forgetting or neglecting the knowledge our bodies hold. And an increasing number of new medications and pills treat and mask the symptoms but not the cause (illnesses itself). I believe that understanding how energy works offers a critical contribution to improving health and life quality— more organically, gently, and powerfully.

This is why in the next blogs I would like to continue to share different aspects of energy and universal laws as they shape our lives, in the way that I have come to understand them.

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