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In our everyday lives, we take so much physical action towards results we would like to see– such as exercising, taking self- improvement classes, finding the best diet, and dealing with life obligations.  For all the striving and efforts we invest to become better, get closer and express ourselves more fully, isn’t there a simpler, more natural way to approach life?

Lucy Austin Healing is an integrated energy therapy practice blending Reiki treatments and mindfulness coaching to assist you to align your energy, relax the body and mind to a peaceful and allowing state and teach you how to approach life so that any physical action would be easy, enjoyable and fulfilling as a result.

This holistic approach to healing recognizes that our bodies understand wholeness, and that means harmony of body, mind and soul. It is also based on the understanding that as human beings we have an essence that goes beyond our physical being which consists of energy (vibration). We are more than what we see in our physical bodies. Mounting research and scientific discoveries, notably in the field of quantum physics, which point to the energetic field of the human body and the way the two interact, fully support this understanding.


Understanding vibration

What you think and what you feel and what you get are always a match - we all have the exact lives that match our vibration.

About Lucy

Helping someone is holding them in the brightest light, in the full knowing of their worthiness and wholeness.

The power of self-healing

Allow me to share with you my personal story of how I discovered Reiki and the amazing gift of healing.

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