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Reiki is a natural, non-invasive technique for healing discovered in Japan at the end of 19th century. Subtle but extremely powerful, it helps bring mind, body and soul into balance and find the harmony between them.  The name is a combination of the Japanese words rei and ki (qi), which are variously translated as life force energy, universal energy or spiritual energy, or simply well-being. Reiki’s purpose is to rebalance your soul and deepen the connection with your higher (non-physical) self and well-being.

This healing method and practice was introduced in the US and Canada in the 1970s, gaining popularity since then, especially as scientific research into our energetic field has progressed, affirming our understanding of the body as a dynamic energy system. Because the dramatic results it has produced are increasingly documented and recognized, Reiki is now increasingly being incorporated into established medical programs in hundreds of hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and spas throughout the United States.


Why Reiki

In a world of abundant data, in which there is research to back just about anything, we try to collect different data, and are continuously urged to respond and react based on research and information. But have you noticed that when you try to make a decision based on facts, statistics or common predictabilities you most likely get a little confused or overwhelmed?  Often it is just too much data to consider, and not quite clear how accurate the data is? And have you not you experienced the knowing or believing in something from your gut feeling – much as what you experience when you fall in love? When you have this feeling from inside, you know the right decision, there is no need to convince anyone and more often than not, no one can influence your decision.   

Having the guidance from inside is a fantastic feeling, and no two people view a situation or a subject identically. Everyone has a unique perspective and as everyone has a different fingerprint. This is how we come to this physical world, uniquely creating from ourselves. Reconnecting with this inner perspective is reconnecting with our authenticity. Yet it seems that in our advanced technological and modern lives and culture today we make the road much longer. We try to do all of the things that are supposed to connect us with ourselves and enhance our self-expression, so much in fact that we get lost. If we instead try to connect first, and then take action, this action will be inspired, and aligned, and unstoppable—meant to be.

Reiki has the remarkable ability to work universally, helping any problem or illness. Simple and subtle in its approach, Reiki balances energy at the physical and emotional levels by promoting relaxation and stress reduction and stimulating your body’s self-healing power . Reiki helps you reconnect with your inner self, access your inner wisdom and intuition, and feel more aligned and inspired. The stress that is part of your modern life style will vanish. You will feel healthier, calmer and at ease, with the inner clarity and confidence to handle any challenging moments of day-to-day life.

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