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Lucy Austin Healing practice takes a holistic approach to health and wellness, blending Reiki Treatments and Mindfulness Coaching to help you reach the state of physical and emotional health that you desire. Reiki energy therapy is the primary tool Lucy uses. Reiki helps you to relax, let go of the stress and replenish, soothing the resistance you have, in order to allow well-being and whatever it is that you desire. By the positive focus shone on you during the treatment, it helps bring you into a more aligned and harmonic state.

However, maintaining harmonic state takes mindfulness, the continuous practice and consistency of your thoughts and vibration, in every step of your everyday life. To use a pill metaphor, when there is an issue in your physical body that is discomforting, you are usually prescribed a pill. Even if it is a fantastic pill however, if you do not make any changes in the repetitive mode of thinking and feeling habits you have established over time, the condition will not change and the pill will not be of much benefit for a lasting improvement in condition.

As the centerpiece of each session, Reiki will help sooth physical or emotional pain and discomfort and remove certain energy blockages, but being open and mindfully shifting your perspective and the way you see things is critical. This is why during each session, we will also spend time to speak about your vibrational stance– where you are at the moment, what you are reaching for, and the choices you can make in order to embark on the path of manifesting your desires and living authentically and wholeheartedly.


Reaching for lasting improvement

Once we conclude what we are going to focus upon, based on your requests, goals and the improvement you are reaching for, together we will prepare a plan for you, with steps to follow through the sessions in order to achieve and be able to maintain a more balanced energetic state and harmonious living.

Each time there will be several things that I will advise you to work on. Each and every plan is very individual and will created together to fulfill your needs and desires for a better feeling body and greater state of mind. After each treatment, you will feel more relaxed and centered, and after each visit, by learning about and practicing mindfulness, in a short space of time you will notice the powerful effects of a shift of perspective.

As you learn to apply mindfulness to all areas of your life, you will experience the joy of life, immersing yourself in the fullness of being. You can continue the treatments for as long as you feel good and you feel this is adding benefit to your life.

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