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As a Certified Reiki Healer I help my clients to achieve physical well-being, reconnect with their inner selves and find alignment, bringing their mind, body and soul into harmony.  I support them in discovering their desires in any area of their lives – physical, mental and emotional– and in making the steps in order to allow what they desire to flow into their experience. 

My practice of intuitive healing through Reiki helps you to relax your body and mind and become allowing—for in this world it is not your work to make something happen, but to dream it and to let it happen. Healing is allowing the stream of wellness you have already summoned through your life experiences.

I have been involved with energy work for more than 10 years, cultivating and applying my energy and focus through the power of self-study and practice of meditation, energy healing, law of attraction, motivation coaching and the power of chakras. I have taken part in trainings and workshops in energy and meditation both in Europe and in the USA, completing my Reiki certifications at the Equilibrium Center in Chicago.

My practice of Reiki, both in person as well as long- distance, has met with some astonishing results, and led my clients to reach and maintain a place of calmness and certitude, to access their inner wisdom and intuition for an inspired, wholehearted living.

Here I share a personal story about how I discovered Reiki.

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