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All physical sensations which you experience as either positive or negative in nature are all about the way energy is flowing through your body and within your experience. Every sensation lets you know about the level of your vibration. Negative emotion is a first indication of a contradiction, or blockage, in your vibration. If you do not do anything to alleviate this contradiction, the sensation will soon be followed by a manifestation of contradictory energy, usually physical discomfort or an illness. All illnesses start with a sensation of negative emotion caused by contradictory vibration in you.

Stress, worry and fear, the feeling of lack, self-doubt and similar emotions introduce such contradiction into your vibration, because they are at odds with the powerful knowing of well-being of universal energy (the non-physical part of you). But at any point, if you can stop and relax, and release the resistance introduced by such emotions, your body will right itself, because it is the feeling of loving self and worthiness that is the equivalent to health.

Our bodies understand health as wholeness, and this is true down to the level of our ‘cellular consciousness.’  There is much you can do to enhance cellular communication– the better you feel, the more you allow the communication of wholeness among the cells of your body. Feeling better is easier than you expect, and it can happen before a single condition changes. It only takes shifting your current energetic (vibrational) stand point, which is your experience of the present moment and expectation about what is to come.

Reiki’s deep healing and restorative power comes from the invaluable essence of allowing and the higher vibrational stance it stimulates. Read more to find out how Reiki can support your desire for wholeness.



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