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What to expect during your Reiki treatment

Reiki is a hands-on, touch therapy. During Reiki treatments you remain fully clothed, comfortably lying down on a Reiki table, which is very similar to a massage table. I do not talk during the treatment, and a quiet Reiki music or ocean waves are the only sounds in the room. In your first one hour treatment session the most common experiences are the deep relaxation and slowing down on thoughts and emotions.  Everyone experiences a different sensation based on their current physical and emotional conditions.

Some clients prefer to stay in this meditative state and feel the peace and relaxation, others fall asleep, and there are those who find it a little more difficult at first to shut down the mind and all running thoughts and embrace the quiet state of mind, but at some point it becomes natural, a part of your state, as the energy starts to flow and well-being becomes the predominant feeling.  Some clients experience some levitation sensation in their legs and arms; the appearance of some colors could also be part of the experience.

Without exception clients have a very good night sleep on the day of the treatment, enjoy better overall feelings and emotions, and any physical discomforts are diminished or completely gone. They feel happier and less challenged by everyday stress. The physical and mental relaxation during Reiki treatment will be the major contribution to your physical and emotional wellness. And as we progress with sessions, we will increasingly concentrate on lasting improvement, focusing the energy on a specific physical discomfort or subject or area in your life which you would like to improve.

We usually spend a few moments in conversation before treatment— how you feel, what are the experiences and changes since the last time we met. If it is your first treatment, we may take a few extra moments to introduce each other and answer any questions you may have. However, we take more time to discuss things after the treatment itself. This is because the treatment has the effect of relaxing you and bringing you to a better-feeling place and vantage point, thus raising your vibration.  As a result, your perspective will be much more allowing and you will feel more clarity in speaking about whatever it is that the focus of treatment for you is.

No matter the subject or your desire— whether an improved physical condition, emotional wellbeing, financial abundance or something else, your vantage point (vibrational stance) about it you will always stimulate more similar feelings and thoughts. During Reiki treatment much of your resistance about what is displeasing or worrying you will subside, making space for a more general perspective of well-being, clarity and allowing. When you are able to distract yourself from what worries or displeases you, and start feeling more calm and confident, and then approach the same subject from a better-feeling place and vantage point, it would be easier to achieve a shift in vibration about that subject. It is possible to achieve and find a solution to anything, once you resonate with it vibrationally.

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