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Allow me to share with you how I first discovered Reiki.  As with many things in life, it happened at a moment of experiencing a sharp contrast, which then stimulated an intensified desire for well-being. Most challenges in our lives manifest when, for whatever reason, we lose our harmony and balance. And perhaps contrary to the way we usually experience these challenging moments of life, most of them offer us an opportunity to learn and grow. This was a turning point for me.

Several years ago I started feeling a disquieting physical discomfort in my right shoulder. Not long after it was a frozen shoulder with severe pain, no ability to make any movements and no position I could hold for more than a few seconds. At that time I did not have a health insurance and had no way of taking more than a day off in order to rest and heal. I had started getting a sensation of panics about what I could possibly do. Taking pain killers seemed to be my best recourse, even though I almost never take medication.

One early morning, after a long night of discomfort and not getting any sleep at all, I decided to first meditate, as I normally do in the mornings, and after that to look for a more viable solution.  I started my morning meditation with the intention to give it my best to relax and let my focus on wellness become my dominant vibration and in this way, release some of the pain and make space for healing.  Many of us are either unaware or mildly distrustful of the powerful effects meditation has; others are unsure of how to start or how to practice meditation, which involves simply the experience of a gentle releasing of tension and refocusing of attention.

Having practiced meditation for years, it was not difficult for me to get to the quiet state of full focus on wellness and trusting that all will be okay.  Suddenly I got the impulse to put my hand on my shoulder during this moment of quietness. I spent about twenty-five minutes in this state of full relaxation and when I was finished, I did not feel anything in my right shoulder.  Naturally, I made some movements expecting to feel the pain, but it was not there. I could not believe what had just happened.

I knew, felt and realized that the pain was gone but I did not have an intellectual explanation or understanding at all.  I cried for several minutes because what had just happened felt like a “miracle”.  Since I am like most people, I did not think that something like this could exist. I have always been very intuitive, well- balanced, and generally at ease, but to have evidenced the result of this energy sensation was for me beyond any explanation.

Most of the people around me I shared this with were very kind to nicely ignore what I was saying – and I completely understand, for I could have done the same before having the experience myself. But the feeling was very powerful, and from then on I started helping myself with any little discomfort and even some habitual thoughts, and with the amazing help from my daughter Georgia who lives in Europe, not long after I discovered Reiki, which was the closest we came across to explain what was happening.

I live and work in Chicago, which to me is one of the greatest cities in the world. It has a great diversity and variety of offerings for everyone to explore and satisfy almost any curiosity and desire for knowledge. I completed several trainings and certification courses and have since continued to practice and develop my skills and gain a deeper understanding of Reiki and how this holistic therapy could assist and benefit many. For me Reiki’s most important potential is in bringing the body and mind into this completely relaxed, meditative state, hence opening the space for allowing wellness.

After some remarkable results achieved through doing Reiki treatments to family and many friends, I opened my part-time private practice and started working with clients. Once more, the results have been more than encouraging, and the way clients feel after treatment is beyond any of my dreams and expectations I had when I first started.

Words could not describe the great satisfaction I receive in seeing the improvement in my clients’ bodily conditions and life approaches.

If I could be at any assistant to any of you, I look forward to seeing you.

With my deepest love, and wishes for health and happiness


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