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Reiki for relaxation & physical well-being

  •  Are you undergoing stress in your life, feel overwhelmed, and are losing yourself under the pressure of increasing professional and personal demands?
  • Are you starting to experience physical discomfort, the first signs of aches and ailments, which bring you more fear and worry?

It is important you realize that all physical sensations which you experience as positive or negative in nature are all about the way energy is flowing within your experience.  All illnesses start with a sensation of negative emotion, making it extremely important for you to have an outlet and a way to clear and redirect stressful emotions, which introduce a contradiction into your vibration and could soon become physically manifested into aches and physical discomfort.

Reiki and mindfulness coaching can help you turn this around, achieving higher energy levels and balance of mind, body and soul. Reiki is also an excellent treatment in addition to traditional medical treatments, for clients with more advanced medical conditions.





Reiki for alignment and inspiration

  • Are you reaching for unlocking your creativity – whether it is for a particular project when you are suffering a block, feeling confused, overwhelmed or stuck;
  • Or you simply wish to explore your creative side, adding a creative spark and more fun to your life, and discover the joy in everyday tasks and activities?
  • Do you need to reach an important life decision; standing at a cross-roads, you are unsure of which way to go, and perhaps afraid of making a ‘wrong’ choice? 

No matter what situation you find yourself in, now you can experience the difference between motivating yourself (through efforting) and inspired action (through vibrational alignment). Reiki and mindfulness coaching can help you tap into your intuition, discover and trust your inner guidance system, and find your voice.

You can achieve an aligned stated and move effortlessly through life, feeling your path unfold before you, and most importantly– have fun with it!





Reiki for manifesting desires

  • Do you know what you desire, but are unsure of how, or uncertain of whether you can attain it?
  • Are you tired of too much efforting but never getting there?
  • Are you almost ready to give up on your desire because you have lost the belief that you can get there?

Manifesting your desires depends on two things only: the intensity of your desire, and your belief about it. If you are used to experiencing the feeling of lack, of ‘not having,’ it has become the dominant part of your vibration, perpetuating the sense and vibration of ‘not enough’ or ‘not there yet’.  By shifting your focus to something else, something that matches the vibration of completion and abundance, you can achieve the vibration of your desires and thus manifest them. 

Reiki can support you in gently attuning to the high vibration of universal energy and well-being, while through practicing mindfulness you can achieve the mental and emotional shift from needing to expecting, thereby making the space and allowing for the manifestations to flow into your experience.





Reiki for Pet Health

  • Is your pet experiencing low levels of energy, depression or pain as a result of illness or the normal ageing process;
  • Increased anxiety in stressful situations (thunderstorms, travel, separation) – or simply under normal conditions?
  • Do you find your pet becoming moody, unagreeable, even aggressive?

You certainly know that your pet communicates mainly through energy and vibration. And you have probably heard that the pet is the best reflection of the emotional health of its owner(s). It can absorb your stress, resulting in unease and negative behavior, and even illness for your pet. Most importantly, as children do, pets will reflect your energy back to you – by being intractable and even aggressive.

Reiki is an energy therapy that can bring relaxation, comfort, more energy, healing and an increased sense of well-being to pets and their people. 

To be healthy, your pets, like us, need to be in balance on all three levels of the physical, emotional and mental. The main difference is that by their nature, pets are much more allowing and ready to receive, so healing works very well.  This is also despite the lack of placebo effect of healing with animals (your pet has no faith), which also speaks to the powerful potential of Reiki.

Reiki energy healing can help all conditions and any animals in need – with stress, anxiety, etc. While Reiki is not a substitute for veterinary care, it is very beneficial when used preventatively, to maintain harmony an optimal health for your pet. Reiki is also extremely beneficial in alleviating side effects frequently caused by conventional medical treatments. Reiki stimulates relaxing and soothing your pet when in pain, raising their energy level, bringing them into balance and stimulating the recovery process.

Help your pet become the adorable companion it means to be.

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