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Mindfulness is about developing your awareness of your emotions and thoughts by improving your focus of attention.

This goes along with

  • Learning to understand and trust your inner emotional guidance system.
  • Feeling your way through the thoughts you are thinking – by choosing to think good-feeling thoughts

In this way, mindfulness is above all about deliberate creation.

The goal of the Reiki treatment and coaching process is acceptance, worthiness and love, because this is the path to attaining anything else you may be reaching for.

Mindfulness has recently gained currency as training about meditation, as well as in the context other life coaching, not least leadership coaching. While I embrace many of the principles behind these current uses, I believe many of them have an overly focus on what is present and undesired, insisting on learning to work with and manage stress, pain and illness, in place of creating the space and allowing for what is desired instead.

What sets my approach to mindfulness apart from other practices is the belief that there is no hard work to be done. There is nothing to be accomplished, or worked through – no negative patterns or bad habits to break through, no ‘conscious and systematic management of stress, pain, illness.’ The best way to change patters and habits which are not serving you is to simply develop new ones.

Mindfulness coaching and Reiki are complimentary and work together in unison, to help you find the place of gratitude and appreciation, acceptance and worthiness. This is the place in you where you don’t want anything, and you are not trying to prove anything. This is your place of authenticity.

Mindfulness coaching will support you in finding the steps you can take towards reaching this place– and living a life of peace, clarity and integrity, and authenticity.

Embark on the journey to joyous, wholehearted living now.

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