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Tune in to the vibrational frequency of your desires


Do you ever wonder why sometimes it seems that some people want and can have it all, while for others it takes so much efforting, striving, and things never seem to get there? The key to this seeming discrepancy lies in understanding the difference in the level of vibration.

Everything in this world is made up of energy. Physicality (physical objects) represents focused energy, while the non-physical is vibration – and science, quantum physics most notably, has increasingly produced results demonstrating this by measuring energy fields within and around the human body, bringing Western minds around what many other cultures have known and preserved, practices that have been used for centuries.

We are made up of more than a physical body, and of more than we see. We have a non-physical part of us, which is an extension of our physical part, and it is the greater part of us. We are vibrational beings. Based on our vibration (energetic field), we attract into life the things, people, and events that match our vibration. Everything that is currently in our lives, or missing from them, is as a result of our own creation, whether we have created it consciously or unconsciously. Thus the vibrational state is tremendously important, for it determines the things that flow our way-- it is our point of attraction.

Law of Attraction

What you project is what you attract – this, simply put, is the Law of Attraction. Most people are familiar with this concept, not least due to the recent popularity of "The Secret" book and movie released in 2005. The teachings of Abraham Hicks, which have influenced my personal understanding of life as well as my trajectory, have expanded on the concept significantly, helping many to understand this most important universal law. But the incredible amount of published and video materials and seminars is far from having reached everyone. And among those who are well familiar with and have embraced it, few are those who apply it deliberately or consistently.

Creating Your Reality

Law of Attraction brings your dreams into manifestation once you establish a vibration that matches what you desire. Because of your power to think thoughts that influence your vibration and therefore bring manifestation into your physical reality, you have the power to deliberately create and shape your reality.

Of course, the same is true when you are not deliberate, but you merely react to the things you see around you—when you let your vibration be determined by ‘what is’. Not simply reacting is important especially when ‘what is’ is not entirely, or not at all pleasing to you.

When you reach for, desire and yearn for something more, or something different, but are focused upon the lack of what you desire, you perpetuate the vibration of not having, of ‘not enough’ or ‘not there yet’.

When instead you use what you do not like, have or want, to determine what you do like or desire, and then focus on this more positive thought subject, your vibration raises. When you do this consciously, it is an act of deliberate creation. And deliberate creation is the art of life, it is why we are here.

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