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You are the creator of your reality.


Now that the first month  into the new year have gone by, and the overwhelmed sensation of the holidays is over, and before the rush of Valentine’s day is fully here, I would love to wish you a magnificent year, much health and many unforgettable moments. A year in which you attain some more understanding to how things and people appear in your lives. Let’s make it so!

Now when we are getting back to those slow and cold days, when the chaos of all the ‘getting it done’ around the holidays is over, I would love to be a tiny bit thought- provoking. Of course, you all have the inner wisdom that serves you greatly. But have you given much thought to how everything that is in your life has come to you? Is there anything that you desire or wish for but still do not have? In this posting I would love to share my convincing confidence that you can create it for yourself.

In previous blog post I have written much about the importance of thoughts and emotions. You create your own reality and you do so based on the thoughts you are thinking. It is a law: the thought you think provokes an emotion and if you keep the thought long enough, this emotion will become a belief and will manifest as an inspiration or rendezvous with some physical manifestation. In the words of Abraham Hicks, “You are not facers of reality. You are the creator of reality.” 

The moments of inner discomfort

Hearing that we create and are responsible for what we experience as reality may be displeasing, especially when we do not like what we are experiencing. If we have the feeling of wanting something intensely but not having it, and we observe the things that are not are we would like them to be. This feeling of ‘not good enough’ is often amplified even more when someone around us seems to be doing better at it.

I will share a small example. As I have for long been very attuned and sensitive to energy, I can usually feel and hear beyond the words people say. I am able for to read people’s energy so to speak. Some days ago, we were in a casual setting and someone came to share some great news with someone else around me. Because of the space and surrounding I was able to hear, see and feel the unfolding. While the person who  was approaching someone else was saying how something wonderful happened to her, the person hearing the news was not prepared for it and although it was a fantastic news, the recipient managed only to exclaim: ‘Oh…..!’  The news were fantastic, but that was not the feeling provoked in the recipient.

In one way, there is nothing wrong with that. We all have had those moments when we do not feel great by seeing someone receiving something that we have wanted for very long. But when you suppress the uncomfortable feeling inside, and you keep that contradictory vibration, it is what you continue to project out. Even if you think the others cannot see it, and you try to express as much enthusiasm as you could to brush the thing off, it is not about them. They may well be occupied with their own thoughts to notice. What is important is the energy you project out, because in this energy-based Universe the response you get is always based on the way you feel, not the words you say.

Without exceptions, everything that comes to you is as a response to the way you feel. Rich people think rich thoughts, healthy people think healthy thoughts, People in fantastic relationships think thoughts of appreciation of the other.

What kind of thoughts do you think? This is the only question. 

Comparing and Competing

So consider the alternative thought-emotional interpretation. What if, when something good happens to someone around you, you take it as a sign that goodness is on its way to you – that it is that much closer?

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to stop taking score of how things are going for you in relation to others? To not even compare yourself to the way you used to be – if not to acknowledge that you are so much more now than you have ever been.  To embrace yourself with all that you are, and know that anything unpleasant, any ‘contrast’ you are experiencing is there to help you formulate new desires, and reach for more?

Understand that this is not a ‘zero-sum game’, but one where those who have fun get to enjoy much more; where the most important rule is, ‘you have to be happy in order to be happy’; and where expectation is fundamental. The people who get things, who seem ‘to be ahead’ are those who expect things to go well for them. It is that simple.

When we look at celebrities or ‘stars’, the very people who always seems to be in the spotlight, the most important characteristic is not their talent or beauty, for we all know people who are just as or even more gifted, talented or beautiful. Their most important and powerful trait is their expectation of being selected. It is what they believe of themselves (their ‘inner stardom’, indeed) that makes them ‘stars’.

You always have the ability to make yourself feel good

In this energy-based universe, the Universe, God, Divine-- or whatever you want to call it, will not respond to your words it will responds to your vibrations or the emotions you feel inside. We all have heard that whatever you send out, that you shall to receive. If you are not totally convinced please play around for a few days and you will see evidence to support it. Once you get the hang of it that you do not look around to find the things to make you feel good, you have the thoughts to make you feel good, the thought that you are worthy, the thought that you are good enough, that you have a purpose and you are so very important to this life, Universe, God.

Practice the thoughts that serve you on your own first, so you are not challenged when you have to convince someone else. You will soon get to get to the point when this though becomes a basic belief, when you do not feel you need to rationalize, explain or defend it in front of others. Once you get the hang of it, nothing will come up to you by surprise, because you are happy from inside you will be happy for everyone else.  And if there is someone around you who is not happy, they will not take you to the place of unhappiness but you will have the power, the inspiration to emotionally “move” them from an unhappy feeling place to some optimism and hope.

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