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The simple and powerful emotional path to weight loss and creating a better figure.


In the beginning of the year most of us make some resolutions; determined statements of a better ‘me’ we all want to create. Weight loss is usually up there on our resolutions list. And, we only hope we will be able to follow through and achieve the desirable results. The end of the first month is usually when a lot of resolutions start to run out of steam, especially as results are often slow to come by.

There is a simple and powerful path to lead you to what you desire. So whether you have been working on your resolution goal and are stumbling into the first hurdles, or you are just starting out—keep reading.

Food and weight loss are among the most controversial topics nowadays. Every day there is a new study to convince us what should be the proper way of eating, how much, what is right and wrong, good and bad. (And have you noticed that the list of what is supposed to be bad for us keeps expanding?) There is a plethora of opinions and scientific studies to prove different points. 

It is a good idea to learn about and keep track of the amount of food a person eats during the day, the amount of physical activity one should do especially considering the fact that rates of obesity have increased drastically in our culture, in large part related to our lifestyles and food engineering practices (genetically modified foods).

There is however a much easier way of going about being healthy, slim and fit. It comes down to paying attention to your thoughts and emotions. “You have to know and care how you feel.” Truly nothing is more important than that.  Some call it mind over matter. I think of it as being inspired to wellness.

Inspired to Wellness

Perhaps you have noticed that when you are in your most stubborn, orneriest and dysfunctional mood that you are looking something to eat or very often to drink. 

I agree that nothing is wrong to soothe yourself when you need but our actions /reactions in those moments easily become habits. Most importantly if you do not pay attention to how you are feeling, every time you are not in the best mood you will look for some “comforting” food or a drink.

And have you noticed that people in love tend to eat so much less, drink less too? You probably know that uplifting feeling of completeness, when you do not feel you need to fill the void, as if your body is in such alignment that you do not need any substitutes. Can you imagine feeling like this most, if not all the time?

It is within your power to feel good, because you control your thoughts and emotions (see previous posts).

When you are feeling well it is easier to make the choices that are most beneficial to you—including about food. You have the impulse to reach for things that are naturally good for you. When you are in vibrational alignment, resonating with the vibration of wellness and fitness, you will receive the things that will match this vibration. Happy people always go for food that feels good (food with good nutritious value), simply because it resonates with their state of feeling.

Those are some small things that we do not pay much attention, but they are of great importance. This is the great difference in doing something because of inspiration, and doing something because of motivation (the feeling of efforting accompanying all those resolutions). It should be as easy as this: when you are thirsty, you know you want water, and so you drink. You do not have to read a label to know it is good.

So if you feel you need to lose some weight:


You have to believe it before you see it”. This is not a secret that applies for every desire; it is a state of mind.

Let’s take for example some of the most elite and great athletes. Although, they have trained their bodies and each one of them has achieved a bodily condition that could hold and sustain the body during any physical competition, they do not perform the same all the time, and the reason is that the state of mind controls the body (no matter how much the body has been trained) comes from the mind.

And yet, most of us are responding to the way the body feels rather than telling the body how we want to feel. Isn’t it time we turned this around? It is almost like turning around from rowing upstream and going with the flow.

So, work with your mind before you take any physical action. You have to believe and be able to see it with your mind the ‘you’ that you want to become before it manifests as a reality. So find a happy state of mind, even if you may be looking at so many unpleasant things that you want to change. Maybe you have to start from a hopeful, optimistic place before you find the happy mind, but start from a good feeling place and the body will follow the mind. It is a given.

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