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Loving yourself unconditionally, all year round


Valentines is the period in the year when we probably speak, think of, and celebrate LOVE more than any other time.

Love surely deserves the attention. It is the most important emotion, the driver of so much of our thoughts and actions, the basis of life. Our DNA is love, you may say.

We all know the exhilarating feeling of being in love, and looking at the world through the eyes of love. The feeling of letting love flow through you, and love being your most powerful knowing. To be loved, unconditionally, is what we all desire and cherish most deeply.

And yet, how often do we grant this feeling to ourselves?

How many times have you looked at yourself in the mirror and thought you can be prettier, smarter, thinner, more of something... thought you would be more successful if you earned more, had more friends, had more „likes” at least. How often do you feel you could be loved, and recognized more?

How many times have you thought of yourself or something in your life as „not enough”? You probably looked at others, compared yourself and felt something was lacking; or got a discomforting feeling in your stomach, that gut reaction when something good happened to someone around you, as if „luck had passed you by”?

And do you know that the person whose love you most desire, whose recognition and validation you most often seek, your greatest yourself? 


This Valentines,
Give the gift of Love to yourself.
Celebrate loving yourself, without any conditions.

By loving yourself first, you will be able to love the person next to you, and the people around you. If you do not find this self- indulging love, no love around you would ever satisfy you completely. No matter how much everyone loves you, you will always have this feeling of being or having ‘not enough’.  If you find the love for yourself you will stop needing and searching for proof and confirmation of others’ love for you. Your self-love will naturally attract more love from those around you, because everyone gravitate around love.

I myself am still working on it, and it is refreshing, life- giving to be able to find it more and more.

My special wish for all of you is to find love for yourself and love will find you everywhere you go, and in any situation.

I love you all!


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