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Loving yourself unconditionally, all year round


Valentines is the period in the year when we probably speak, think of, and celebrate LOVE more than any other time.

Love surely deserves the attention. It is the most important emotion, the driver of so much of our thoughts and actions, the basis of life. Our DNA is love, you may say.

We all know the exhilarating feeling of being in love, and looking at the world through the eyes of love. The feeling of letting love flow through you, and love being your most powerful knowing. To be loved, unconditionally, is what we all desire and cherish most deeply.

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The simple and powerful emotional path to weight loss and creating a better figure.


In the beginning of the year most of us make some resolutions; determined statements of a better ‘me’ we all want to create. Weight loss is usually up there on our resolutions list. And, we only hope we will be able to follow through and achieve the desirable results. The end of the first month is usually when a lot of resolutions start to run out of steam, especially as results are often slow to come by.

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You are the creator of your reality.


Now that the first month  into the new year have gone by, and the overwhelmed sensation of the holidays is over, and before the rush of Valentine’s day is fully here, I would love to wish you a magnificent year, much health and many unforgettable moments. A year in which you attain some more understanding to how things and people appear in your lives. Let’s make it so!

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Tune in to the vibrational frequency of your desires


Do you ever wonder why sometimes it seems that some people want and can have it all, while for others it takes so much efforting, striving, and things never seem to get there? The key to this seeming discrepancy lies in understanding the difference in the level of vibration.

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The closer we come to being in harmony with universal energy, the closer in harmony we are to each other.


Despite the undeniable path Reiki and other holistic energy therapies are forging for themselves today, it is ultimately not a question of a ‘tipping scale,’ and the approach to the question of Western and Alternative medicine should not be ‘either or’. The advances of science and the medical field are definitely one of the hallmarks of our civilization, improving the health and life quality for billions of people. And as energy therapies come to occupy a critical place in clinical medicine with more and more mainstream programs incorporating Reiki, I believe the united perspective from both science and the experience of energy therapy give us a much fuller understanding of life, disease and healing.

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Understanding and trusting your emotional guidance system


We live in a world of abundant data, in which there is research to back just about anything, and where having well-researched opinions and decisions based on evidence is dogma; so perhaps it is paradoxical that making decisions has not become fundamentally easier. In our advanced technological and modern lives, we try to collect different data, and are urged to respond and react based on data and information as we go through our day-to-day life. But I believe there is a simpler, more natural way to approach life– one that all personal technology, guidebooks and social expectations may actually be blurring.

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